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Political Campaign Program for Party & Individual

Unique & Organized program for Political Campaign will allows you to be a successful leader, it is about portfolio creation to booth level management. We guarantee best ever performance of yours in well managed form.

Service Under "The King Maker"

Digital Campaigning

RLV Solution will allow you to communicate with public via latest and most effective tools those will makes you comfort over other leader, wheather it is for “Jan Sanwad” or any public related issue where your opinion and presence is more important than any other. We have our expert team to find out the problem and solution of your area with strong analysis of database with interaction tools for public.

Branding & Promotions

This is digital marketing service for your need, where plenty of unique idea will be implemented for the branding & promotion of yours over the public related to you.

Most common is about handling of social media with each aspect, designing object basis campaign’s belonging to the engagement and attention seeking of public.

It has portfolio creation, blog management, page management, campaign management, engagement management of yours.

We have proactive and dynamic approach regarding branding and promotion where our expert team working on new creation and unique idea only.

Digital PR

These are tools with you can communicate with public or it is the latest technique to tell some one about you called as digital Public relation tools

Most effective tools are

  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk OBD
  • Bulk Email
  • Bulk Whats App
  • Push Notification
  • Missed Call
  • Toll Free
  • Audio Bridge
  • virtual conference

Call Center Solution

Our Call Center Solution will enhance your presence and interaction with public, your readability and presence will be more effective with this service

Incoming Call Management

RLV Solution can manage all incoming call’s related to you via its Call Center Facility. By the optimization of call center we provides you an opportunity of ready to move facility of incoming calls of yours.

Personalize interaction with worker and Public

RLV Solution will allow you for floating personalize calls towards public and worker with particular objective throgh our call center solution.

We are experienced campaigner for these type of calling towards public.

Database Management Solution

RLV Solution has hand on exposure over database management related to you and your desired constituency, we can manage with

  • Centralization of Database
  • Sourcing & Collection of Database
  • MIS of Database
  • Customization & Filter of database
  • Digitization of database (Data entry)

IT Enable Customized Solution's

We have IT enable customized solution for your needs, we can deliver with web-portal and web-application along with android and IOS enable application for the purpose of the public dealing for your kind pursue.

Some of most common for uses is Worker Management, Elector Management, Notification, Update of activity and customized massaging for complete election management.

Survey & Identification

We are specialized in Initialization of Survey in specified area via every possible way like

  • Physical
  • Online
  • Random calling

We are also experienced and equipped with the tools to identify the problem and elector identification method.

Worker/Supporter/Elector Management Solution

This is enhanced customized integration of multiple service of ours. With in this integration you will get Inbound calling for getting complaint and queries from elector and worker. Outbound calling for the specific objects accordingly the campaign design or desire of the leader or party.

We are experienced political campaign solution provider since 2018, we have delivered two on party level assignment, where one of assignment was for top leading national political party during Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha election 2018, and one state level political party get our solution during general election 2019.

Alongside we have done with the individual top political leader portfolio management during State assembly election 2018, and general election 2019. We are well versed with 200 assembly constituencies of Rajasthan with their previous trend from starting to latest. We are also initiated survey for 3 states of north India.

Now we are working on booth level management system for the dooms day of the election where you need a sharp identifying system along with direction provider towards worker of yours with a appropriate database access.

We have almost done with the process of development and looking forward to implement.

Silent feature of "The King Maker"

  • Individual starter pack start with ₹4999/-
  • Portfolio Creation to designing & Planning for Campaign
  • Lobbing and image creation
  • Worker Management system
  • Public Relation via Digital platform
  • Feedback and survey Conduction
  • Previous trend analysis
  • Strong database analytical

We can deliver for Party Level and Individual level both. Services offered under “The King Maker”

Key Igredients

  • Experienced political Campaigner
  • Served for 2 of Top national level political party at Rajasthan, Madhy Pradesh, Delhi & Haryana State
  • Served 4 State Level Political Parties for the Rajasthan Assembly election 2018
  • Served 60 individual politician of top leading political party during Rajasthan State assembly election 2018 & general election 2019
  • 4 random Survey conducted at State Level
  • Having complete analysis of previous election statistics for Rajasthan, Madhypradesh, Utter Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Gujrat, Punjab
  • Having compiling of the elector database and trend analysis of elector’s
  • Close watch over the current issues at ground level with the political aspect

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