Bhuvanyu Verma (Assistant Director)

B.COM, BSC(Hospitality and Hotels), MA (French), MBA (HR)

Bhuvanyu sir

Handling and assist in developing and implementing plans and goals for the department. Responsible for organizing company initiatives and ensuring the department objectivities are met. Formulate business proposal for clients. Supervise the employee’s progress and task execution assisting them whenever necessary. Ensure compliance with regulation and internal policies. Monitor attainment of objectives. Assist in budgeting and monitoring expenses.

Maintain scheduling of meetings and represent the company when needed. Create reports and submit them to the director or other executive fulfil duties as assigned by the director. There are also plenty of essential responsibilities, which are closely related to the smooth running of the department. Help the department attain objectives of productivity and employee satisfaction.

Simran Kaur


Design compensation and benefits packages. Develop fair HR policies and ensure employ’s understand and comply with them. Implement effective sourcing, screening and interviewing techniques. Regularly meet with employees for progress reviews and assessment discussing any problems or grievances. Assess training needs and coordinate learning and development initiatives for all employees.

Monitor HR Department budget. Act as the point of contact regarding legislation issues. Design and conduct induction and employee orientation process. Develop and maintain HR Database, computer system and manual filling system. Handling calls related to all the employees. Employee engagement, workforce management. Stationary compliance means adhering to rules and regulation. Oversee daily operation of the HR Department.

Shelly Maheshwari

Accountant by profession, Handling evaluating financial operations to recommend best practices, identify issues and strategize solution, and help organization run efficiently. All types of reporting and correspondence file GST Return, TDS, EPFO, ESIC ITR etc. All types of financial reporting financial and statistical analysis.

Offering guidance on cost reduction, revenue enhancement and profit maximization preparing and maintaining important financial reports. Preparing tax returns and ensuring that taxes are paid properly and on time. Formulate projection for the future plans.

Praveen Kumar Saini (IT Cell Co-ordinator)


Maintain our IT systems and network to execute technical and administrative tasks and maintain our computer and networking system working to their maximum capacity with greatest efficiency. Design procedures for the use of IT resources. Advise management with the goal of making the appropriate IT decision and choices provide technical support to all employees. Perform troubleshooting and execute needed repairs. Managining and oversee karnisena activities. Visualize how the team member’s roles intersect design, plan and execute training on the use of system and network. Install and configure hardware equipment and software programs. Review and develop security related contract documents. Oversee track and measure system and network performance.

Aarti Rathore ( IT CELL Officer)


Creating Strategies to increase online traffic to the organization website. Tracking the conversions and improving the percentage and number taking care of everything from SEO,SEM to Social Media Marketing. Creating social Media Marketing Strategies to create a brand name in social media and raise awareness. Improving the user experience on the company’s website (Includes design, content, and usability). Collecting and evaluating customer feedback data. Evaluating competitors’ digital Marketing Strategies and creating plans to overtake them. Setting up of various social Media channels and maintaining brand consistency. Responsibilities for making sure that operationally all the concerned resources are utilized appropriately and are held accountable for the targets to be achieved.